Custom Materials


No two packaging projects are exactly alike. Our senior consultants possess superior product and systems knowledge and a level of expertise and attention unparalleled in the industry. They will help you find answers to your unique needs instead of trying to fit you into pre-packaged solutions. You can count on them to troubleshoot, problem solve, find better designs, and optimize applications and quality of product to fit your needs — all at a managed cost.

Your dedicated consulting team will also be tapping into the capabilities of our specialized packaging design center, which will prove an invaluable resource during your custom packaging development. This unique concepting and prototyping facility is staffed by expert designers and engineers and charged with coming up with solutions for the next generation of packaging. From CAD designs to product testing to retail presentation, it offers an end-to-end resource for all your design needs.

Our Process

For every custom packaging process, our first step is understanding what you want to accomplish. We start by interviewing key stakeholders and confirming material specifications and requirements to develop the project brief and determine next steps.


Then it’s a matter of exploring all the options. We conduct site and store visits, as well as competitive audits and evaluations of graphic design concepts to define the directions best suited for your needs.


The team then develops sample CAD designs, researches and sources substrates, and performs initial structural testing to ensure we deliver recommendations that meet your business requirements.


Finally, we present our recommendations and help you implement your new design. Your consultants will guide you every step of the way to make the transition as effective and efficient as possible.